Slots vs. Roulette

Which game has the higher odds for winning in online casinos, such as Gala Casino Online? Does it really all depend on luck? Are there any strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning?

To be honest, both slots and roulette have pretty low odds, but roulette does have an advantage due to you being able to bet on the colours the ball will land on, or whether it will be an odd or even number. There is still a lot left to chance, but the odds are a wee bit higher of you guessing correctly. Round one to roulette.

Slots, on the other hand, usually have a total of three reels with a number of symbols on each. It’s a simple game where you put in the coin, place the bet and pull the lever. A lot simpler than roulette where you have to pick the colour, the number, the group you want to bet on. And you might lose all your bets, which can be a substantial amount if you’ve placed a few hoping lady luck will smile. Slots win the simplicity round.

Slot machines have new results every time you pull the lever (or hit the button) and even electronic slots have numbers that are generated by mere timing. This means there are very low odds to win. Roulette has a limited number of possibilities which are not determined by a machine, instead it is mainly luck that you have bet on the right one at the right time and the winning odds are higher.

So all in all, Roulette wins. It is a classic and popular game and can be associated with the higher classes. There is something romantic about the picture of men in tuxedos and ladies in fancy gowns sipping exotic drinks and lazily placing their chips on the corresponding numbers. Think James Bond, the epitome of ‘cool’. You wouldn’t see him on a slot machine. But for all that, slots are not without their charm. You can play for hours as they’re so simple, but do be careful. You could look down and wonder where the money went.

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