Getting value from casino bonuses

The days of easily turning a profit from online casino bonuses are long gone, yet some players still think that bonuses can be the route to easy winnings.

Online casinos wised up long ago to the cost of good bonuses, and now it is difficult to find any profitable ones at all.

Betfair casino Blackjack - playing for the bonus

Playing for the casino bonus at Betfair Casino - you can't expect a guaranteed profit, but you can play with the houses money to cover your losses.

There is still value to be had in certain bonuses though, but it depends on what you want to get out of your casino play. If you are not really a gambler but you want to make some easy money, then these are not for you.

But for gamblers that enjoy playing their favorite casino games, bonuses can still be worth while.

Let’s take a real life example. The current Betfair Casino welcome bonus comes in three parts; a 100% deposit match up to £100 with two further 50% bonuses on your next two deposits. Ignore those 50% bonuses for now.

The 100% deposit bonus up to £100 has a wagering requirement of 20 on the total deposit and bonus amount. So, we work that out as

£100 + £100 = £200 x 20 = £4,000.

The wagering requirement on this bonus then is £4,000.

Now, all games in the download casino count towards the wagering requirement, but as usual not all count at the same level.

My preferred game is Blackjack, and that counts at 20% of the requirement. That’s not bad, other bonuses count Blackjack at a much lower percentage, some even at 0%.

If I choose to play Blackjack then the wagering requirement for me will be £20,000.

We get that figure by dividing 20 (the percentage) into 100, which gives us 5, and then multiplying the original wagering requirement by that number (£4,000 W.R. x 5).

So I will have to wager £20,000 on Blackjack before I can withdraw the bonus and any winnings I get from it.

So far so good.

If I play perfect strategy on Blackjack I can expect to lose about 0.50% over the course of the game. So multiply the wagering requirement amount – £20,000 – by the expected loss – 0.50% – and we get an expected loss cash amount of £100.

Which equals the original bonus amount.

Obviously, Betfair learned their lesson about how to calculate a proper bonus.

So if I was playing to make a profit then this bonus would not be worth my time. But if I am playing because I love playing Blackjack, which I do, then there are advantages to taking the bonus deal.

First, I will probably play £20,000 or more when I play. Probably a lot more. So the W.R. is not a problem for me.

Second, as I can start off with £200 instead of £100 I have that much extra room to play through a bad run of cards.

If I deposited £200 and didn’t take the bonus – you can decline to accept the bonus if you want – and went on to play my usual amount, I could expect to lose about £100 of my own money. With the bonsu I can expect to come out even.

For me, this is a winning proposition. I have my normal amount of play, with the chance of hitting a good run somewhere during it, and if I don’t get lucky, but don’t get too unlucky either, I have the chance to come out even.

In my book, that is a win.

Of course, you realise that playing perfect strategy can still lead to a bad run of luck and you can get wiped out, just like you can get a good run and have a nice win.

One other good point is that there are always a lot of different promotions running at Betfair. Again, none of them will make you rich, but regular small bonuses and free bets can be a welcome boost to your bankroll.

If you think that this bonus suits your style of play you can get it from Betfair Casino

As ever, check the terms and conditions before you sign up.

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