Full Tilt near deal?

There has been a lot of speculation but no official statements so far in relation to the future of Full Tilt. The people at the AGCC made a statement on Monday to the effect that they were saying nothing.

“Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is in discussions, all be it at an early stage, with its licensees trading as Full Tilt Poker and a third party concerning the prospective refinancing of Full Tilt Poker.

The objective of these discussions is to enable the site to re-open to its current and prospective players…” [source]

The statement goes on to say that it has not authorized any statements other than those found on the AGCC site (those that they haven’t removed, anyway). AndrĂ© Wilsenach (Executive Director AGCC) should probably get himself a blog if he wants to make statements like that one.

The French licensing authority, ARJEL, issued a statement on Monday, 4th July suspending FT’s French license. [ARJEL Statement (in French)] Suspending the license six days after the site stopped operating seems somewhat pointless. The reasons for the suspension include that the site is not accessible (!) and that they require FT to provide adequate proof of the company’s financial security.

Another case of a gambling licensing authority struggling to reach the minimum limits of competence.

So, nothing concrete to report. Now on to the speculation.

A purported ‘FTP insider’ has answered some pointless questions over on the 2+2 poker forums. You can follow the thread here. There is not much solid information in that thread at the time of writing, but the insider does say that he/she believes a buy-out deal is 75% done.

If you have been following this story you may remember that we traced the FT ip address last week and it was resolving to Kahnawake (in Canada) which gave rise to speculation that they were going to reopen their poker platform under a Kahnawake license.

Well today a trace on the FT ip address shows it resolving to Guernsey again (where it was before all this began). And that fact, coupled with the above statement from the AGCC, and the speculation in the FTPInsider88 thread at 2+2, means that we can start speculating now that a deal that satisfies the AGCC license requirements is close to being completed.

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