Full Tilt Hearing

The hearing in London by the AGCC into the Full Tilt license suspension has been adjourned.

Earlier today, as the hearing began, lawyers for Full Tilt asked for the process to be held in private to protect certain confidential issues that ‘may harm third party negotiations’ if they were made public.

It appears that the AGCC’s primary concern was that they were paid the quarter of a million pounds that they claim is owed to them by Full Tilt for licensing. It was reported by Quadjacks.com that the Alderney Gaming Control Commission demanded payment of the licensing fees before the hearing could even begin.

Bear in mind that they have already stated that “As ever at all times, our primary concern is the protection of the player“.

The Full Tilt lawyers didn’t pay the fees, but did ask for the rest of the hearing to be held in private. After a short break to consider this application, it seems that the AGCC agreed to that request and removed the assembled reporters and others from the hearing.

Now remember that the last announcement from the AGCC concerning this meeting included the statement “AGCC’s choice to hold a public hearing in to the future of Full Tilt Poker demonstrates our willingness to act transparently and we will welcome members of the public and the media.

None of that will be of much help to players who want to know if and when they will get the money they are owed from Full Tilt.

Other rumors lately included a report that the new buyers want only the non-US parts of the the FT business and that this will leave US players out of any settlement. In my uninformed opinion I would suggest that unless the FT business was setup from the beginning to deliberately do something like this, then they will find it hard to separate the existing debts from the ongoing profitable business in the Euro zone and elsewhere.

We will update this with more when it is available.

The hearing was finally adjourned after further discussion to a date not later than the 15th September.

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