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Poker in the U.S. of A.

It looks like the online poker world is goinig to get a big shake-up soon, with the launch of legal online poker in New Jersey. The NJ launch is making a bigger splash than the legalisation of poker in Nevada did. In both cases, it is only legal for persons physically present in the respective states to play at the properly licenced online poker rooms, but even so, it is a step in the right direction. More »

Getting value from casino bonuses

The days of easily turning a profit from online casino bonuses are long gone, yet some players still think that bonuses can be the route to easy winnings.

Online casinos wised up long ago to the cost of good bonuses, and now it is difficult to find any profitable ones at all. More »

Slots vs. Roulette

Which game has the higher odds for winning in online casinos, such as Gala Casino Online? Does it really all depend on luck? Are there any strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning?
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Celebrity and Bingo – becoming a celebrity bingo winner

What is it nowadays about celebrities? Certainly there has been a change in our attitudes towards them. Naturally, there have always been celebrities, but in the past it tended to be the case that people turned into celebrities as a result of other achievements that they had made in life, for instance in sport, on the stage or in music. Nowadays it seems that there is a new kind of culture in which people just want to be celebrities, as though becoming a celebrity is a reasonable lifetime goal. More »

Bodog leaving the US

It was announced yesterday that Bodog will not be accepting new players in their poker room or casino by the end of 2011.
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Full Tilt Hearing

The hearing in London by the AGCC into the Full Tilt license suspension has been adjourned.
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The Alderney Gambling Commission

In another pointless media release yesterday, the AGCC had this to say;

“Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) will hold a public hearing regarding the future of Full Tilt Poker at 10am on 26 July at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London.
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Latest Full TIlt update

According to reports the Full Tilt deal is slowly nearing completion and the site could be up and running again by the end of next week.
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Full Tilt near deal?

There has been a lot of speculation but no official statements so far in relation to the future of Full Tilt. The people at the AGCC made a statement on Monday to the effect that they were saying nothing.
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Withdrawals at Full Tilt Poker status

I am very surprised that there has been no news on the whole Full Tilt story by now. I was pretty sure that speed was the most important factor in this scenario and that whatever outcome there was going to be would have become apparent by now.
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